Marjolein Vlaming graduated as Organizational Psychologist (2008, Radboud University), followed up with studies in 3D Design (2009, AKV St. Joost), and graduated again as Information Manager (2014, Erasmus University). 

She’s fascinated by structure, texture, and patterns. These are her inspiration for 3-dimensional artworks reminiscent of everyday objects and shapes in architecture, nature, science, and technology. Marjolein builds on the work of the Dutch “Nul-beweging”.


She translates their patterns and repetition to today’s increasingly digital society. Digitization is abstract, requires logic and structure. Just like the artists from the “Nul-beweging”, Marjolein uses industrial materials and repetition, playing with light, shadow, and space. In her work, there’s no clear boundary between painting and sculpture. 

Marjolein works in organizational transformations and IT (e.g., robotics, artificial intelligence and digital transformations). The objects, shapes, situations, and patterns she encounters in her day-time work are sources of inspiration for her artwork. 



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